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Experience high-performance frying with the Yucoo Commercial Floor Fryer, designed for professional kitchens. Achieve perfect frying results with its 50 lb.

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Bring the power and efficiency of high-performance frying to your commercial kitchen with Yucoo Commercial Floor Fryer. This appliance has been meticulously engineered to meet the demanding needs of professional kitchens, offering the capability to prepare a variety of perfectly fried foods with ease.

The Fryer is a commercial-grade fryer with a 50 lb. fry pot capacity, designed to handle high-volume frying with precision and consistency. Whether your menu includes classic favorites like French fries and onion rings, or gourmet offerings like crispy hot wings, the Fryer can deliver, thanks to its efficient and quiet 4 tube burner system​1​.

One of the standout features of the Fryer is its easy-to-use Invensys thermostat, which allows for accurate and adjustable temperature control between 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature ensures you can fry a variety of foods to perfection every time, enhancing your menu and impressing your customers​1​.

Safety and sanitation are critical in a commercial setting, and the Fryer doesn’t disappoint. This fryer meets the sanitation and electrical product safety standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, for use in the United States and Canada​1​. It also comes with a 3/4″ gas connection to be professionally installed, ensuring secure and safe operation​1​.

The Fryer boasts four 30,000 BTU heating tubes that provide outstanding power to keep up with busy restaurant orders, while also offering quick recovery times, ensuring your kitchen can keep pace with demand​1​. It also includes two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets, enabling you to cook different products simultaneously. The baskets come with red-coated handles to ensure heat protection and operator comfort​1​.

The Fryer is built to last, backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty. This demonstrates Yucoo’s commitment to quality and our confidence in the durability of our products​1​. For added convenience, the fryer features a full port drain valve, which makes draining used oil a quick and easy process, simplifying maintenance and cleanliness​1​.

To ensure a clean and safe kitchen environment, the Fryer also features 6″ adjustable legs, making it easy to clean the floor underneath your fryer​1​. This feature, combined with its all-stainless steel tank, door, front, top, ledge, and header, and galvanized steel sides, makes the Fryer a practical and durable addition to any commercial kitchen​1​.

With Yucoo Commercial Floor Fryer, you’re not just cooking; you’re creating culinary masterpieces. Experience the difference that a high-quality fryer can make and elevate your menu to new heights with Yucoo.

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SY-18CEA, SY-23CEA, SY-26, SY-26-2

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